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Rocketmail Login & Sign Up | Create www.Rocketmail.com Account

Rocketmail Login & Sign Up | Create www.Rocketmail.com Account
rocketmail login

Rocketmail Login & Sign up Guide | www.rocketmail.com : Though Web-based email service is not a new thing now, getting a free webmail service in the 90s is certainly a big thing. Now, in the era of fast-growing technology, mail service is an ideal platform for sharing information as well as communication. It becomes an essential part of every individual, as every formal communication is established through email only.

Well, now there are many free webmail services available, back in the 90s, there are few webmails that provides free services to the users, rocketmail is one of them.  www.Rocketmail.com is considered as one of the oldest free webmail services of the 90s as it was launched globally in the year 1996 first.

About Rocketmail:

Four11 Corporation first launched Rocketmail in the year 1996, considered as one of the first free webmail of that time. In the year 1997, rocketmail was acquired by Yahoo for 92 million dollars. After yahoo acquiring rocketmail, the new users can register for the mail through rocketmail ID or Yahoo ID. It is one of the oldest webmail services in all over the world. rocketmail is the part of yahoo mail; you can access with unique rocketmail address now. Even one can log in yahoo interface with the help of rocketmail username and password.

Features of Rocketmail

Rocketmail is one of the oldest webmail of the 90s and acquired by Yahoo. The mail can be accessed by mobile devices, web, iPad, and other devices with unlimited storage facility. However, there are many features of the webmail service, mentioned below;

  • It offers free email accounts to all the users in the web with rocketmail.com, also can be accessed by yahoo.com.
  • File attachment limit is of the mail is 25 MB.
  • The webmail has an unlimited storage capacity.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that can be accessed by anyone.
  • You can send messages using any email program such as outlook express, apple, or Mozilla through rocketmail.

Create Rocketmail account | Rocketmail Login & Sign Up

rocketmail login
rocketmail login

Rocketmail Sign Up Process

To access mail through rocketmail, you have to create an account in the webmail. The signup process in rocketmail is explained below:

  • First, start the device (desktop, mobile, or tablet) on which you browse the internet and go to any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • In the browser, go to the webmail page of yahoo.
  • On that webmail page, you can find a signup option, select that option.
  • By clicking on that, you can get an option of creating an account at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then you will be redirected to another page.
  • On the new page, you will get to enter all the information to create the account.
  • You have to enter the information such as date of birth, name, gender, preferred email address.
  • Then you have to select a username for your rocketmail account.
  • Set a strong password for the security of your email.
  • If your preferred username is not available, try to find another username for the account.
  • Then you will be redirected to the terms and condition page; there click on the accept button to proceed further.
  • After accepting, you will find a submit option, click on that.
  • Here you go; with this you have completed the signup process in rocketmail. You have created a new account on rocketmail.

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You have to take care of certain things while creating an account on rocketmail.

  • The username of the account should be unique, that is combined with alphanumerics.
  • Find an available username, if not, try another combination.
  • Creating a password on rocketmail is also crucial; it should not be simple such as your name or phone number.
  • It should be unique with a combination of special characters, numbers, and alphabets.
  • If your email ID is used for business purpose, do not ever share your password with anybody.
  • To ensure security, change your email password frequently.
  • Pick a password creatively, so that, you can remember it easily, but is unique.

Rocketmail login process

After creating an account on rocketmail, you have to login rocketmail account through your mail id and password to access the mail. The login process of rocketmail is as follows:

  • First, open the browser on which you access the internet
  • Then, access the yahoo login page
  • On the login page, you will find space for entering the credentials and details of the account
  • In username space, enter your username and in password space, enter the password.
  • Then click on the login button.
  • If your username and password details are correct, you will be redirected to your mail. You can access the mail.

There are cases when people face problems while rocketmail login process. In that case, you can reset your password by clicking on the forget password page. Then rocketmail will send a four-digit verification code to your mobile, or a password reset link on alternate email id. Through this, you can set a new password and login with the password to the rocketmail account instantly.

Steps for password recovery

  • Go to the rocketmail login page; there select the password help page.
  • Then click on the I have a problem with my password.
  • Then click on the Next button.
  • Enter a username of rocketmail account on rocketmail id space.
  • Click on the next option.
  • Then you will get a link on the secondary email or four-digit verification code on a mobile device.
  • You can click on the link to set a new password or enter the four-digit verification code to change the password.

Through this procedure, you can change your password easily and access the account with the new password.


Rocketmail is one of the most trusted and used webmail platforms by millions of people around the world. If you are new to this webmail platform, can follow these simple steps for signing up and Rocketmail login account. It is an ideal platform for establishing formal communication globally.


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